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Planning News & Advice

Planning applications that have been received in the last 18 months.

Reference Received Status Address
17/03472/FUL 15/11/2017 Permission with conditions 9 Central Drive Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2RJ
17/03467/TEL28 14/11/2017 Comments sent Electronic Communications Apparatus PCP003 Gaydon Road Bishops Itchington
DISCN/00368/17 27/10/2017 Pending Consideration Land East Of Knightcote Road Bishops Itchington
DISCE/00107/17 27/10/2017 Discharge of Conditions - Approved Land East Of Knightcote Road Bishops Itchington
17/03216/REM 23/10/2017 Pending Consideration Former Harbury Cement Works Station Road Bishops Itchington
17/03127/COUNTY 12/10/2017 No Objection Folly Fields Farm Ladbroke Road Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2RP
17/03032/FUL 6/10/2017 Permission with conditions 14 Hambridge Road Bishops Itchington CV47 2RH
17/02928/FUL 27/9/2017 Permission with conditions 14 Huckson Road Bishops Itchington CV47 2TF
17/02903/FUL 25/9/2017 Permission with conditions 6 Butchers Close Bishops Itchington CV47 2PX
17/03288/FUL 19/9/2017 Permission with conditions 22 Central Drive Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2RJ

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